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agaures's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 49 (From 14 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 870 Points


Life Insurance Unlocked 12/29/13
5 Points
That would be least of my worries, if I were a zombie!
Be Upfront 5 Points It's a trick question anyway!
Cookie Monster 5 Points Me want cookie!!
Cookie Sacrifice 5 Points The ultimate sacrifice, if you ask me!
Creeper 5 Points Staring is caring! (Ssssss...)
Criminal Helper 5 Points He was probably just borrowing the plane anyway.
Happy Clown 5 Points He has his nose back!
Happy Guy Fro 5 Points Don't be hatin'! Afros are hip, yo.
Justice Served 5 Points Go get 'em, Officer Adrian!
Lazy Developer 5 Points I SAID SORRY!
Persistence 5 Points But there's something wrong!
Right Sister 5 Points I was never good at remembering names.
Sad Clown 5 Points Aw, poor clown.
The Boss 5 Points IGP is the b055!
The Fat One 5 Points Not the most appropriate thing to say!
TV Star 5 Points He's on channel 1337.
Wink Wink 5 Points That's a good way to end a conversation.
Everyone's Happy 50 Points You're a very kind person!
Everyone's Sad 50 Points It's all part of the game!

Medals Earned: 1/20 (5/190 points)

Doom Triple Pack

Find Some Meat Unlocked 4/14/13
10 Points
Doom: Get the chainsaw.
E1M9 Unlocked 4/14/13
25 Points
Doom: Find the secret Military Base level.
Where's Episode 2? Unlocked 4/14/13
50 Points
Doom: Complete the first episode of Doom.
Cockadoodledoo 10 Points Heretic: Turn an enemy into a chicken.
The Graveyard 25 Points Heretic: Find the secret level.
Blasphemer 50 Points Heretic: Beat the first episode.
Master Cleric 50 Points Hexen: Beat the demo using the cleric.
Master Fighter 50 Points Hexen: Beat the demo using the fighter.
Master Mage 50 Points Hexen: Beat the demo using the mage.

Medals Earned: 3/9 (85/320 points)


Do you love me, Mother? Unlocked 6/12/13
5 Points
You might earn this for winning her affection.
I still can't see through her lies. Unlocked 6/11/13
5 Points
But will she love me now that I can see at all?
Oh, right, KOLM! 25 Points That should have been obvious from the start.
Why are these things in my house? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (10/40 points)


First Level Unlocked 4/19/13
5 Points
beat first level
C'mon! 5 Points kick 500 bricks overall
Warm Up 5 Points kick 100 bricks in one level
Burn recovery 10 Points recover burn energy
Combo Maniac 10 Points kick 30 bricks in a row
Extra Life 10 Points get an additional life
Far Far Away... 10 Points reach 500m mark
Insanity 10 Points survive after the ball speedup
Slower please! 10 Points slow down 2 times in a row
Tough Guy 10 Points kick 200 bricks in one level
Unstoppable! 10 Points kick 1000 bricks overall
Ball Controller 25 Points kick 60 bricks in a row
Hurt me plenty 25 Points kick 5000 bricks overall
Only Hardcore 25 Points kick 500 bricks in one level
Real Ace 25 Points reach 1000m mark
Arkanoid God 50 Points kick 100 bricks in a row
The Legend 50 Points reach 2000m mark
Top Water 50 Points reach maximum water level
Completed 100 Points beat all levels

Medals Earned: 1/19 (5/445 points)

Madness Accelerant

Facerape Unlocked 4/13/13
10 Points
Let out all your aggression.
A WINNER IS YOU Unlocked 4/13/13
25 Points
Beat the game.
True Face of Evil Unlocked 4/13/13
25 Points
Reveal the true face of evil!
Pacifist 25 Points Be kind to those less fortunate than yourself.
Madness Mode 50 Points Defeat Madness Mode!

Medals Earned: 3/5 (60/135 points)

Madness Lunacy

Head Popper Unlocked 4/13/13
5 Points
Blast an enemy's head off!
Gun Slinger Unlocked 4/13/13
10 Points
Handle every gun in the game
Rapid Rampage Unlocked 4/13/13
25 Points
Complete the game in under 8 minutes
Madness Champion 50 Points Complete the game without dying!

Medals Earned: 3/4 (40/90 points)

Madness Regent

A Winner is You Unlocked 4/13/13
25 Points
Defeat the boss and win the game!

Medals Earned: 1/1 (25/25 points)

Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)

Can You Hear Me Now Unlocked 3/30/13
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Mercy Unlocked 3/28/13
5 Points
Don't kill any traitors or cowards in Mission 1A.
Slaughter Rank: Greenhorn Unlocked 3/28/13
5 Points
[Career] Kill 50 enemies in Arena Mode.
Nexus Victory [Easy] Unlocked 3/30/13
10 Points
Defeat the Nexus HQ on Easy Difficulty
Nexus Victory [Normal] Unlocked 3/28/13
10 Points
Defeat the Nexus HQ on Normal Difficulty
Slaughter Rank: Bloodied Unlocked 3/28/13
10 Points
[Career] Kill 200 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Impaler Unlocked 3/28/13
10 Points
[Career] Kill 350 enemies in Arena Mode.
Nexus Victory [Hard] Unlocked 4/1/13
25 Points
Defeat the Nexus HQ on Hard Difficulty
Savior's Sword Unlocked 3/30/13
25 Points
Find Jesus's hidden blade in Story Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Psychopath Unlocked 3/28/13
25 Points
[Career] Kill 1000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Seas of Blood Unlocked 3/29/13
25 Points
[Career] Kill 2000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Wargod Unlocked 3/28/13
25 Points
[Career] Kill 600 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Impossible Unlocked 4/17/13
50 Points
[Career] Kill 5000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Do What Comes Natural Unlocked 4/16/13
100 Points
Defeat the Nexus HQ on Hard Difficulty without playing Hank.
Slaughter Rank: Greater Than 9000 50 Points [Career] Kill 9001 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Genocider 100 Points [Career] Kill 53,594 enemies in Arena Mode (Pfffft Good Luck!)

Medals Earned: 14/16 (330/480 points)


Baby Steps Unlocked 10/12/13
5 Points
Complete Level.01.01.
No Rotations 01.12 Unlocked 10/12/13
5 Points
Complete Level 01.12 without any rotations.
Thank You For Playing Unlocked 10/12/13
5 Points
Complete the Credits level.
Almost Halfway Done Unlocked 10/14/13
10 Points
Complete Chapter 1.
Juggling 02.13 10 Points Complete Level.02.13 in less than 30 seconds.
One Rotation 03.14 10 Points Complete Level.03.14 with only one rotation.
Shortcut 01.14 10 Points Complete Level 01.14 in less than 10 seconds.
Speedy 02.11 10 Points Complete Level.02.11 in less than 20 seconds.
Three Rotations 03.11 10 Points Complete Level.03.11 with three or fewer rotations.
Thrifty Rotator 02.12 10 Points Complete Level.02.12 with only one rotation.
Almost Done 25 Points Complete Chapter 2.
Done 50 Points Complete Chapter 3.

Medals Earned: 4/12 (25/160 points)

Newgrounds Rumble

Hoarder Patrol Unlocked 4/16/13
5 Points
Snag the first three powerups in a match before anyone else has a chance to.
People Pancakes Unlocked 4/17/13
5 Points
Lure two or more opponents into the trash compactor during any battle in the Scrapyard.
Wile E. Ways Unlocked 4/16/13
10 Points
Knock an opponent out of the ring three times in one match.
C-C-Combo Maker Unlocked 4/17/13
25 Points
Deliver at least 80 damage in one aerial combo.
Diplomatically Challenged Unlocked 4/18/13
25 Points
Complete all 12 challenges in Challenge Mode.
Meat Shield Unlocked 4/17/13
25 Points
Trick an opponent into killing one of their own teammates with a projectile.
The Eventuallyending Story Unlocked 4/17/13
50 Points
Complete all 12 stories in Story Mode.
C-C-Combo Breaker 10 Points Parry three times in one jump.
Survival Horror 25 Points Survive at least 5 opponents in Survival Mode on OMFG difficulty.
Wall Street Brawler 25 Points Bank over 5000 Grounds Gold.
Transgressive Compulsive 100 Points Earn 100% Game Completion.
Message of Luff Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
15 Minutes of Fame Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 7/13 (145/320 points)